Three card poker

Playing Three Card Poker

As its name implies, Three Card Poker is played with only 3 cards. It is really two games in one: “Pair Plus” and “Ante and Play”. The player can choose to play either one or both games in each round. One of the game’s biggest attractions for poker players who want a relaxing game is that there is no continuous betting as in most poker games.

In the “Pair Plus” game, the player places his initial bet in the center of the table, three cards are dealt to him and to the dealer. A pair or better wins. If there are no pairs, then the hand with the highest card wins.

In “Ante and Play”, the player places an ante bet in addition to his initial bet before he receives his cards. If the player believes that his hand is better than the dealer’s, he can raise by placing an additional bet equivalent to the ante bet. In order to meet the player, the dealer must have a qualifying hand, meaning that he must be holding at least a queen high combination or better. If the dealer’s hand does not qualify, the player wins. If it does qualify, the hand with the highest value wins.

Online Three Card Poker

Online Three Card Poker is especially satisfying to the lone online gambler. The game does not have the tense atmosphere of a table poker game where the player is betting against other players. There is not much chance or point in bluffing because the player’s cards are always displayed at the end of the hand.

Playing online three card poker allows you to play for free until you get the hang of the game or if you just want to have some free poker fun. But if you want to do some more adventurous gambling, then move on to play three card poker for real money. When you play three card poker for real money you will have the satisfaction of seeing your online casino account taking in the pay outs. There are no pay outs when you play online three card poker for free.

High Entertainment

Three Card Poker is a highly entertaining and fast and easy poker variation. Many gamblers prefer to play three card poker for real money at an online casino because online three card poker allows them to get the poker thrill without all the poker tension.

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