Playing online poker is fun, convenient and potentially very profitable (if you know what you are doing). When you are just getting started in the world of online poker, you won’t be aware of all the promotional opportunities that are available to you. Sure, you’ve probably seen sign-up bonuses offered, but did you know that there’s a potentially more profitable promo out there that rarely gets advertised on the Web pages of poker rooms? This promo goes by the name of rakeback, and if you play online poker with any degree of frequency, rakeback is your best friend.

Paying the rake

The poker rake is the amount of money that the house deducts from each pot. Poker rooms have to find a way to make money off the games they host. In exchange for providing tables, dealers, chips and so forth, online poker sites will tax each pot that is played. This is true whether you play poker online or in person. If you visit a card room in Vegas, you’ll find rakes as high as 10 percent. When you play online, the typical rake is about five percent. This amount is capped at a few dollars.

How Rakeback works

Third-party poker affiliates provide rakeback offers. When you’re in a rakeback program, you will get a certain percentage (usually around 30 percent) of your net rake returned to you. Poker rooms need rake to generate revenues, and that’s why most poker rooms will not advertise their rakeback program on their Web page. Some poker rooms offer more generous rakeback offers than others, and some poker sites won’t offer rakeback at all.

Working in the background

Most rakeback programs will provide automated monthly payments directly to your poker room account. Every month, after the affiliate site received payment from the poker room, you will see extra funds deposited in your account. Some rakeback plans don’t offer automated payments to your account. In these situations, your rakeback funds are usually transferred to your NETeller account.

If you play online poker often, then you need to be in a rakeback program. You will have to open up a new account in order to sign up for a rakeback offer. This is a small inconvenience when compared to the benefits of monthly rakeback payments. No matter what stakes you play for, online poker rakeback is your friend. Embrace it.

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