Poker Stars new bonus and bonus code August 2009 have finally brought their initial deposit poker bonus offering into line with other online poker rooms and are now offering a sizable $600 maximum at 100% deposit match to all new depositing players.

The previous bonus of a maximum of $50 at 100% match was well below what most other online poekr sites have been offering.

The bonus code for this new bonus is STARS600.

So, why was the old bonus so small and why have they increased it now?

Well, the general consensus on the previously tiny deposit bonus from Poker Stars was that they didn’t need to offer more, as they were, and still are, the most popular and biggest online poker room. I guess that they would prefer to spend their promotional money on various advertising and events rather than give it to their players.

It must have worked, as PokerStars has grown to be the biggest online poker site in recent years and by far out ranks their nearest competitor, Full Tilt, in terms of player numbers.

Having said all that, then you must wonder what reason they can have for increasing their bonus now. It is not as if they are feeling their competitors breath down their figurative neck as the distance between Poker Stars and all other sites in terms of player numbers has only increased in the recent past.

My guess for this sudden bonus increase, and it is only a guess, is that it is because of the situation in Italy, where all poker rooms that want to accept Italian poker players are required by Italian law to have a separate poker site just for Italians.

Being forced to launch was is esentially a new poker room just for Italians means that Poker Stars, and other sites in this situation, do not have the weight of numbers that they were used to using to dominate the market. So they had to offer a decent sized deposit bonus to their Italian players. I imagine then that when this situation became common knowledge it could give rise to some resentment from existing players, which in turn might lead to some bad press and negative feeling about their site.

This is only a guess, mind, and now that I write it down, I’m not sure that it makes as much sense as I had initially thought.

Whatever the reason, it is now a good sized bonus that can stand up against most other sites bonus offerings.

Further to that, Poker Stars are also offering their existing players a reload bonus of up to $300 at 50% deposit match. Which is good for their existing players as most of them will have only received the old bonus of $50.

All in all, way to go PokerStars!. Claim this bonus at Poker – use the bonus code STARS600.

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