Poker Bonus 101

Poker Signup bonuses

If you’re new at online poker, or you’re considering trying a new online poker site, you need to know about the online casino sign-up bonus. Understanding the sign-up bonus can seriously change where and how you play online casino and poker games.

What is a Sign-Up Bonus?

A sign-up bonus is a bonus you get for signing up with new online poker sites. You can only get the sign-up bonus once for each site where you play, so you want to make sure you get the best bonus you can. These bonuses are usually match bonuses, meaning you get a percentage of your deposit added to your account as additional money. A good sign-up bonus offers a 100 percent match or even more.

How Do You Get a Sign-Up Bonus?

When you find a new poker site that you are interested in, search around the web for bonus codes. Almost every site offers sign-up bonuses, so if you haven’t found one for your preferred site yet, you probably haven’t been looking hard enough. Once you find the best code you can, make your deposit. A great difference between playing offline and online is that you can put the bonus code at the same time you are making the deposit. If you submit the deposit without the code, you will lose the opportunity to collect the sign-up bonus.

How Do You Collect a Sign-Up Bonus?

The sign-up bonus does not appear instantly into your account, otherwise people could collect the bonus and run without ever playing on the site. To release the bonus you will need to meet a wagering requirement. This requirement is generally a multiple of your deposit, your bonus or both. Once you have wagered the amount of money required, the bonus is released into your account to do with as you wish. Note that some “sticky” bonuses can only be used for wagering and not withdrawn.

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