About FourQueensPoker

FourQueensPoker claims to be a poker review site. That is, we hope to impartially review online poker rooms, listing the good with the bad.

That may be a bit hard to believe – the ‘impartial’ bit. Why, you may ask, would we write a review of a ‘bad’ poker room? More pointedly, how come all our reviews are good? How come every poker room listed on this site is a great room? How impartial can that really be?

Well, obviously you have a point there. All our reviews are good, more or less. What you should know here is that we review many more rooms than we actually publish here. We discard the bad rooms, and only list the good ones. That should save you, the reader, time and money.

Occasionally, a poker room that we have given a good review to will turn bad, and that leaves us in a sticky situation. Do we pull the review? Or do we leave it up but modify it? Or, do we actually leave the good review up and say nothing about the bad stuff?

It has always been our policy to list the good with the bad. If a room that we reviewed goes bad, we say so. You can judge for yourself by reading some of the reviews here.

Posted on Tuesday, 28th April 2009 .