Texas Poker Bill Suspended

Bluff magazine reported on the 17th of May that the latest attempt to legalize poker in Texas has ended in failure after Rep. Jose Menendez (D-San Antonio) officially suspended his House Bill 222. Rep. Menendez reasons for suspending the bill seem to be his growing realization of the amount of opposition that it would face, […]

Party Poker and Everest?

This story is a bit late appearing here; we were trying to find ouot what the inside story on this was before publishing. Well, we got nothing. The Times Online reported last month that Party Poker have been talking to Gigamedia, who are the owners of Everest Poker, about a possible buyout. Of Everest by […]

Frank’s Bill to regulate online poker

The much talked about bill from Congressman Barney Frank has finally been put on paper and the details amde available to the general public. Due to be put before the House of Representatives sometime this Summer, this Bill should effectively legalize the position of online poker in the U.S., if it gets passed, that is. […]

Minnesota and online poker

Just what is going on in Minnesota? CNET online news reported on May 1st that the state authorities has issued a 7 page blacklist of gambling sites to internet providers and instructed them to block their customers access. These instructions came from the Department of Public Safety, and are supposedly based on the grounds that […]